We’ve led marketing and sales efforts for virtually all property types—home sites, condos, townhomes, single-family homes, commercial, mixed-use and master planned communities. The same is true for locations, where we’ve succeeded in urban, mountain, desert and beach environments. Right now, we’re looking primarily at urban and beach locations, due to the growing demographic demand in those settings.

Yes, yes and yes. We have succeeded with all three arrangements and can tailor our engagement to suit what fits best for you. Our objective is to provide you with a sales structure and strategy that yields value well beyond our tenure.

The easy answer is that it depends on the project location, size, target demographic and target sales velocity. The more complex—but realistic—response is that we charge a fair price for a proven, value-adding service. We’ll respond honestly to your inquiry.

Principal involvement is one of our core differentiators. Marketing higher-end real estate development requires a steady hand. A Crescendo principal is directly involved in every stage, leading the entire marketing and sales team throughout the course of the project.

Many years of experience says we add the most value, optimize our impact and insure results when we’re solidly in the project. We also prefer to work with development teams that have several projects in the pipeline as it leads to increased efficiency and operational effectiveness. However, we’re willing to look at individual projects, as well, depending on the size and scope.

We’ve used numerous CRMs—from in-house, custom-designed programs to modified/customized versions of popular CRM software such as Salesforce. The correct CRM for your development and team is really driven by your short and long-term goals as a company.

Since it’s based on human psychology and how people make the most important purchases in their lives, the answer is a qualified yes. MarketForce™ can be applied across all forms of real estate with adjustments made based upon the demographic market, the product type and the developer/development branding. We’ve planned and executed our campaigns on everything from $200,000 condominiums to $12M waterfront homesites, and everything in between.

Give us a call and we can discuss. If it isn’t a good fit, we’ll still be happy to provide you some possible options that may work. Having worked in this industry for two decades, we’re in contact with some of the best people and resources.

We’ve been applying algorithms to our analysis of various facets of the business for the past several decades. Each new level of data collection provides an increased opportunity for an algorithmic approach to decision making.

Architectural design charettes focus primarily on the specific needs for the building and a preferred design solution. Visioning expands on that process by considering the various uses of the development over its entire lifecycle and positioning it in the marketplace to add the most value to the overall development. It’s an exciting, thorough process that brings out the best ideas for adding value to your development.

An excellent plan, designed for the specific marketplace, intensively implemented. Along with a marketing and sales team that truly fits your development and your culture. You’ll be spending a lot of time and resources on this partnership. Choose wisely.

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