Our Approach

our approach

Rethink your real estate development marketing techniques.

Crescendo’s Approach: Merge “money ball” and marketing analytics

Aspen is not Palm Springs. Cabo is not Vancouver. So the fact that Crescendo’s marketing strategies for luxury real estate have achieved record sales in each and all speaks clearly for our process. We enter an engagement eager to determine the differentiators and understand the dynamics. We work closely and collaboratively with our client developers to ensure transparency and clarity. We employ proprietary marketing techniques and tools to leverage human, financial, natural, and informatic resources. At its simplest, our process flow looks like this:

step one


  • Assess the opportunity. Define and determine market cycle factors, competitive advantage, and project distinction within the context of developer goals.
  • Employ data review, analytics, and algorithms. Establish a firm grounding for value expansion.

step two


  • Develop the project persona. Begin/expand branding and establish a messaging voice.
  • Map the customer experience. Create the desired customer pathway including ways to reward the relationship. Consider touch points, triggers, and best use of CRM.

step three


  • Direct strategy. Develop the marketing masterplan and the critical path for project life.
  • Develop the sales force. Lead the entire team effort to leverage talent, team, and technology.

step four


  • Deploy timing and technique assets. Align projected and real-time parameters.
  • Leverage continuously. Revisit resources and apply new knowledge to enhance value.

step five


  • Heighten performance. Dial up every aspect of the sales and marketing effort.
  • Redirect incrementally. Lead the charge by actively anticipating new action areas.

step six


  • Assess total value creation. As goals are reached, review takeaways with developer for future project application.
  • Transfer Customer Experience assets. Assist developer in seguing success by making the customer experience part of the branding portfolio.

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